Two boy having a pillow fight in new home
Flexible house planning, responsive home building and a personal guarantee of quality. You get the home you’ve always dreamed of when you build The Faye Way.
Mother, father and young child celebrating a new home
Flexible planning. Bending over backward to move forward.
Our experience shows that when we work extra hard at the outset of the project, in the house planning stage, to give you what you want, then the rest of the home building process runs a lot smoother.
Front facade of feature house built by Faye Homes in Chirstchruch

One of the things that set us apart is the variety that exists within our house plans. Each house plan has been crafted with a specific lifestyle in mind and is flexible enough that you can add your own personal touches to make it truly a home the way you want.

Car parked in drive way of a new build house

Perhaps the home you are looking for already exists. All have been built the Faye Way, are backed by our personal guarantee as well as a ten-year Masterbuild guarantee, and are ready for you to move in at a moment’s notice.

Feature 4

What better way to get a feel for the innovative design and quality craftsmanship than to have a look first hand?

Feature 5

Instead of buying someone else's house as a first home, many people are now looking at the option of building, as it brings with it a number of benefits. Not the least of which is the access to the maximum deposit allowance from your Kiwisaver account.