Our Process - The Faye Way

Your step by step guide.

Our aim is to create a meaningful relationship with you by listening first, then providing guidance and assuredness to get the result you want.

We offer flexibility, agility, and a sense of personal responsibility thanks to “The Faye Way ‘ - a building process that focuses on the relationship between customer and builder.
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Let’s make a plan, together.

Our role is to ensure you get the very best out of your building site and budget. At the planning stage, we want you to bring us your dreams, website links, colour samples - all of the inspiration that you have gathered. If you haven't got much, don't worry - we've got plenty to get your journey started!

Begin organising and prioritising your ideas by looking through our designs. Our team can build from your architect's plans, or you can sit down with one of our draughts-people to see how one of our designs might be tweaked to suit your needs.

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Concepts and budgets.

At this time, we come back to you with options. For example, how we can make the most of sun while keeping privacy a priority. If your site has a view, how we might maximise this and from which rooms. The kinds of interior finishes you could have, and the sort of fittings your budget will allow.

We think of this stage like a friendly game of tennis. You lob ideas at us, and we come back with options, you then return with more thoughts, and we try and make progress with every rally, looking for a solution where everyone wins!

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The final plan, deposit - you give us the green light.

At this stage, we will have a final plan locked in.

We will arrange a meeting, at which we will present you with a building contract, final plans, specifications, and a construction guarantee. Before you sign anything, you must have your lawyer review all documents, so you can be 100% confident that we are all on the same page before moving forward.

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Council permits, consents - let us sort that for you!

Dealing with councils and building authorities without prior experience has a very steep learning curve to it. As such, it can cost the inexperienced time and money. Our expertise in this arena will be invaluable to you. Having started this company as a way to give our friends and family the homes they always wanted means we climbed that learning curve and can pass on the benefit of that knowledge to you.

In short, don't worry - we've got this. We will prepare the paperwork and work toward prompt approvals by making working drawings, getting engineers sign-off, and lodging your building consent for you.

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Interior consultation - your colours, your way.

Choosing the colour palette for your home is one way you can ensure you get the home you want — an opportunity to express your personality through the hues you choose. By sitting down with one of our interior consultants, you can begin flesh out the story you want to tell.

Next, you bring into the mix your textiles and joinery. Things like floor coverings, drapes, window joinery, benchtops, fittings, and so on. At

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Site prep, foundation and framing.

First up the big machinery. If you loved the sandpit as a kid, this might be your favourite part. Now the diggers and rollers prepare the platform upon which we will place the building's foundations. If your site requires any retaining walls, preparations for this will start at this time.

Your foundations will be dug and set, the home's footprint boxed and the concrete slab poured. 

This is the skeleton stage. Over one to three weeks, you will see the bones of your new home. Walls and roof are framed, and you'll be able to start walking through and pacing out your plans.

Building Frames


Close in - the inside job

Over the next fortnight, cladding goes on the walls, windows are put in place, and the roof is installed. It is starting to look like a house!

Plumbers and electricians begin their work. As do the insulators. Once the work's done inside the walls, it's on with the wall linings and painters arrive.

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8. Final fit off

Bathroom and kitchen fittings are installed. Your floor coverings are laid. With every finishing touch, your excitement will build.

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You move into your new home - built your way!

During the previous four stages, there will have been various council inspections for things like bathroom seal integrity, as well as engineers signing off lintels and retaining walls. Now, if needed, there is one final big inspection to sign the home off.

You'll make a final payment, and we'll hand over the keys. It's time to move into your home, the way you want.

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Check up and warranty

One thing our customers love about 'The Faye Way' is that we follow up on our work. At a time convenient to you, we will check in to make sure you're happy with your new home.

House Plans

One of the things that set us apart is the variety that exists within our house plans. Each house plan has been crafted with a specific lifestyle in mind and is flexible enough that you can add your own personal touches to make it truly a home the way you want.